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Spotlight on Rights

'Spotlight on Rights' Programme supplies grants and provides opportunities for networking between Arab and international publishers. It supports the translation of content from and into Arabic and now, with its new eBooks and Audiobook categories, aids in the digital conversion of content, ensuring its dissemination to worldwide audiences.


Launched in 2009, ‘Spotlight on Rights’ has contributed to the publication of more than 600 titles across a variety of fields, including children’s books, science, history and social sciences to name but a few. To date, more than 120 publishers have been awarded grants starting from $2,500 for children’s books and up to $4,000 for all other genres, resulting in translations from French, German, Swedish and English amongst other languages.


To download the application form for the eBooks and Audiobooks Grants, Click here


To download the application form for the Translation Grant, Click here

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