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Participation Terms & Conditions

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Fair") showcases the products of the book industry from all over the world, and from the Arab world in particular. It is a platform to highlight the world of the book, shed a light on book sales and its rights amongst the International books industry.


It is organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box: 94000 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (hereinafter referred to as "the organiser").


The following terms and conditions apply to all applications submitted by the exhibitors, and upon acceptance of the application by the organiser, they form part of the stand contract.


General Terms & Conditions

Once the application has been submitted to the organiser, the exhibitors accepts the below:

1. Duration
The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2021 (“the Fair”) is scheduled from May 23 to 29, 2021.
Opening hours are

Daily: 9:00am - 10:00pm. Friday, 4:00pm - 10:00pm.
The Organiser may postpone the Fair, change its duration and opening hours, exclude the general public, cancel the Fair entirely or close it earlier than scheduled.  Irrespective of all or any such changes, contracts with the Exhibitors remain in effect in their entirety and the Organiser’s claim to stand rental fees remains valid.

2. Exhibitors
All national and international publishing companies may exhibit at the Fair. In addition, countries may organise collective national stands. The producers of newspapers and periodicals of educational material, audio-visual and digital products, book clubs, wholesale booksellers, literary agents, printers, service providers to the book trade and related organisations may also rent stands.
Any Exhibitor whose right to use its name and/or trademark is disputed, may exhibit provided that it can demonstrate its right to use the name and/or trademark by order of a court of law of the UAE or if the use of said name and/or trademark at the Fair has been authorized in writing. This shall also apply to book trade exhibits included as part of collective national presentations.

3. Exhibits
Only products of the book industry may be exhibited at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

  • Books
  • Audiobooks
  • Agendas
  • Posters
  • Postal Cards
  • Multimedia related to the books
  • E-books and digital materials
  • Manuscripts
  • Maps
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Periodicals
  • A diary
  • Books online
  • Software’s related to book and publishing
  • Paper and stationery suppliers
  • Literary services agencies
  • Printed materials and printing services related to the book industry
  • Copyright services
  • Book-related training and education programs
  • Equipment related to the book industry
  • Cultural projects / initiatives supporting the book industry such as translation
  • Paperless materials related to trade in books
  • Stationary


The exhibits are subject to the censorship laws of the UAE.

It is not permitted to exhibit any works which have been banned from production, distribution or import by a court of law in the UAE, or similarly in a court of law abroad, if this judgment has been declared enforceable in a court of law in the UAE. The Organiser reserves the right to remove titles which are prohibited by the law of the UAE.

It is not permitted to promote or advertise any such items that are excluded from the Fair.

Publications that have been officially indexed as liable to corrupt the young must not be accessible to juveniles.

4. Registration, Contract and Stand Allocation
Registrations to participate must be made in writing using the form supplied by the Organiser (“Registration Application for 2021”). The completed form must be returned to the Organiser by January 23, 2021 (“Deadline”) at the latest.

Provisional written applications that may be linked to reservation requests are invalid if a formal registration using the Organiser’s official forms is not submitted by the stated deadline.

Alterations or provisions made by the Exhibitor on the registration forms, on these terms and conditions, or in connection with the same will be disregarded.

Several Exhibitors may share a stand. Each Exhibitor must complete a separate registration form. Registrations must be submitted together and meet the deadline (see 4.1). The stand rental fee must be paid by a single Exhibitor (main Exhibitor). Each additional Co-Exhibitor (e.g. representatives) will be charged a Co-Exhibitor’s fee (see Price List).

4 and 8 sqm shell scheme stands usually have three side walls. If another shell scheme stand is neighboring and the two exhibitors do not wish to have a partition between their stands, the side wall can be removed upon request.

Registration is legally binding for the Exhibitor. Registration is considered as a contract upon issuance of the invoice and stand confirmation that will be sent to the Exhibitor. If the Organiser is unable to allocate a stand to the Exhibitor due to lack of exhibition space, the Organiser will reimburse the payment on an account that has already been made (see 10.2). Before the stand confirmation comes into force, registration may be cancelled by letter, whereby a cancellation fee amounting to 30% of the stand rental fee will be charged.

Conclusion of the Contract does not entitle the Exhibitor to a specific position, although the Exhibitor’s wishes in terms of position, neighboring stands and size will be taken into account wherever possible.

The Organiser takes no responsibility for the costs of modifications to a stand incurred in the course of any reallocation caused by overall regrouping.

The Organiser is entitled to reduce, but not to increase, the requested stand size, in which case the rental fee will be reduced accordingly. To ensure a balanced distribution of stands with regard to subject themes as well as technical factors, the Organiser reserves the right to implement changes in stand location and size, as well as changes to requested corner, peninsula or islands stands. Whilst the Exhibitor may express requests of this nature (see 4.6), the Organiser is under no obligation to comply, nor is the Contract rescinded as a result.


 The exchange of stands between registered Exhibitors is not allowed.

5. Catalogue
Every Exhibitor will be included in the Catalogue when registering before the deadline. Catalogue entry is obligatory. Inclusion in the Catalogue print edition automatically implies inclusion in the online Catalogue (“Catalogue 2020”) which will be online for the entire calendar year. The Organiser accepts no responsibility for the completeness and correctness of catalogue entries.

6. Stand Fittings
Stand fittings and furnishings are subject to the attached “Technical Regulations”. In the event of failure to comply, the Organiser is entitled to order alterations at the Exhibitor’s expense.

Excess stand height is permitted up to a maximum of 2.50 m. Official authorisation is always required for a stand height in excess of 2.50 m. The 'Technical Regulations' apply.

7. Nameplate
The Organiser will supply all shell scheme stands with a standard fascia board as nameplate for the stand, inscribed with the publisher’s company name, stand number and country. Exhibitors with custom-built stands must supply their own nameplates and stand numbers.

Nameplate inscriptions must correspond to the Exhibitor’s catalogue entry.

8. Occupation of Stands, Set-Up and Breakdown
Exhibition halls are open for Exhibitors from Saturday, May 22nd, 8 am, for the set-up of exhibits. Earlier set-up requires the Organiser’s authorization in writing and is only permitted for custom-built stands.

Set-up and decoration of stands must be completed by 8 pm on May 22nd and the stands must be manned every day of the Fair during opening times (see 1.1). Exhibitors must display their exhibits for the entire duration of the Fair.

The Organiser has the right to re-allocate stands that are not yet set up at 5pm on May 22nd. There is no reimbursement of stand rental fees already paid.

Delivery of packing materials, the packing away of exhibits and the clearing of stands is not permitted prior to the official end of the Fair. Breakdown is not permitted before 10 pm on May 29th 2021

If stands are cleared prior to the end of the Fair, the Organiser will impose a breach of contract penalty.

If a stand is not cleared by the prescribed deadline, the Organiser will impose a breach of contract penalty, and it will be cleared at the Exhibitor’s expense. The Organiser accepts no responsibility for stand furniture and fittings that have been left on the stand.

9. Rental Fees
The rental fee for shell scheme stands includes: shell scheme stand, carpet, electricity supply (1 kW), a basic furniture package related to the stand size, a number of spotlights related to the stand size, a number of bench cabinets related to the stand size, power consumption, air-conditioning, waste disposal, general cleaning, a number of free Exhibitor passes based on the stand size and a fascia board inscribed with the name of the company (available for shell scheme stands only). The stand may also be rented without shell scheme stand as space only. The rental fee for space only stands includes: raw space, air-conditioning, waste disposal, a free copy of the Catalogue and a number of Exhibitor passes based on the stand size. Electricity installations (consumption), flooring, stand number and nameplate must be ordered separately and are subject to additional charge.

The Organiser reserves the right to increase or lower rental fees for all or individual types of stand if unforeseen circumstances require or permit this. Any such increase may not exceed 10%.

Changes of the stand layout requested after the registration deadline are subject to payment of the costs incurred, with a minimum charge of AED 500.
Changes can only be processed if the Organiser is notified prior to April 19th, 2021.
If practicable, alterations can be carried out at the Fair itself, but only against advance payment of costs and subject to an additional surcharge.

10. Terms of Payment
Invoices for rental fees and other service charges are payable upon receipt, along with bank charges if any to the Organiser’s account indicated on the invoice. Objections can only be considered if raised within three weeks of the date of invoice. The invoice and final stand allocation will be sent to each Exhibitor after completion of the allocation process (see 4.6).

If payment of the invoice is not received within the period stipulated, the Organiser has the right to cancel the contract, without prejudice to its rights to claim damages or other remedies.

11. Terms of Cancellation

  • 30% of the invoice value is payable, if participation canceled after confirmation and within 3 months from the date of the Book Fair.
  • 100% of the invoice value is payable, if participation canceled after confirmation and within 2 months from the date of the Book Fair.
  • The payment should be submitted in one month’s time from the date of issuing the invoice.



The stand rental fee remains payable if the exhibitor is prevented from attending for any reason.


The organizer has the right to cancel the exhibitor participation at any time.
12. Sales
In general, exhibition goods may be sold at the Fair.

13. Exhibitor Passes (Badges)
A special pass is required for access to the exhibition site during the buildup, breakdown, and none opening hours.

For the use of the Exhibitor’s employees engaged in the set-up and breakdown of stand fittings, for its representatives and for use of its stand, the Exhibitor is issued with Exhibitor passes that are to be attached to outer clothing in a visible position at all times on the exhibition site. Exhibitor passes are valid during set-up, opening, and breakdown.

Exhibitor passes are issued free of charge for every stand on the basis of stand size.

These passes are not transferable. Improperly used passes will be withdrawn with no right of appeal.

14. Insurance Coverage
Each Exhibitor bears sole responsibility for insuring all stand furnishings and exhibits against burglary, theft, fire and water damage, and against damage incurred in transit to and from the Fair.
There is no collective insurance policy.

15. Conduct at the Fair
Every Exhibitor shares in the responsibility for the success of the Fair and should refrain from committing actions that may cause disturbance or hindrance to other Exhibitors.

It is the duty of every Exhibitor to cooperate in the prevention of theft.

It is strictly forbidden to bring any kind of weapon to the exhibition site.

16. Promotion
The inside surfaces of the Exhibitor’s stand may be used for promotion purposes, but only in relation to the exhibits placed on display.

The Organiser is entitled to issue regulations regarding the appearance of outer stand surface areas, taking into account the overall effect. Requests for the hanging of banners from the ceiling of the exhibition halls must be submitted to the relevant service provider. If approved, banners are subject to a surcharge in addition to the costs of the production and hanging of the banner by the service provider.

Outside the Exhibitor’s own stand area, it is not permitted to undertake promotional activities either on or in front of the exhibition site. This includes the use of persons for publicity purposes, as well as the distribution or posting up of advertising material such as leaflets, posters, stickers etc. in hall aisles, on the exhibition site, in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition site or on car parks used for the Fair. It is also not permitted to carry out surveys, tests, competitions, raffles and prize games outside the Exhibitor’s stand. The Organiser’s own survey questionnaires are accepted from this rule.

Exhibitors and institutions are encouraged to organise their own promotional events. It is not permitted to hold receptions, lectures, press conferences, discussion events, etc. on the exhibition site without the written authorisation of the Organiser.

17. Non-Compliance with Terms & Conditions
The Organiser is entitled to exclude the Exhibitor from the Fair in the event of failure to comply with the stipulations of these Terms & Conditions (particularly breach of 'Technical Regulations') and of continued breach of Contract despite warnings. In particularly serious cases, this may also include exclusion from future fairs. This shall also apply if items are exhibited that are subject to court bans or if the Exhibitor or his employees have committed or encouraged punishable offences (such as theft or deliberate infringements of copyright).

Rather than ordering exclusion, the Organiser may impose a penalty amounting to 30 per cent of the stand rental fee. Participation in future fairs can be made conditional upon payment of any such penalty.

18. Place of Contractual Fulfillment, Court and Law of Jurisdiction
The place of contractual fulfillment and exclusive court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising between Exhibitors and the Organiser is the Courts of the UAE. In cases of dispute, the laws of the UAE shall apply.

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