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What are the contact details of the fair?

KITAB Abu Dhabi International Book Fair
P.O. Box 2380, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Phone:  +971 2 599 5276      
Fax: +971 2 444 0400 

Address for Courier Services:

Nation Towers Corniche, 
Building B 
PO Box 94000
Abu Dhabi
Te: + 971 2 444 0444
Fax:+ 971 2 599 5720

What is the ‘Registration Application’ process?

Registration Application
The registration application consists of just 1 page. Your registration is only valid if you have completed the application in full, signed and returned it to us by fax, email or post. Once your application has been approved, the exhibitor receives the access data for the online registration account in order to complete the registration process.
Registration Deadline
The registration deadline is 23 February 2021. However, we will accept applications after this date, but it may be difficult to take account of specific requests for stand locations. Once the stand allocation process has been completed, the Organiser only grants reservation of a space for a limited period of time. If the Exhibitor does not return the completed registration form before the registration deadline, the Organiser is entitled to allocate the space to another applicant without prior warning, even if the Exhibitor has given a previous verbal or written commitment to participate.
Exhibitors may have more than one address: the company address should be the exhibiting company’s place of business and the same as the catalogue address.
Catalogue Entry
The catalogue entry you have submitted with your stand registration will be used for the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair print and online catalogue at You can make changes; notify us by e-mail, fax or post – but please always in writing. The deadline for the print version of the catalogue is 23 February 2021. Changes received after this date will be incorporated in our online catalogue database.
Following receipt of your registration application and our internal processing, we will send you a confirmation of your application, followed by an invoice.
Keyword Listing
The keyword listing is part of registration and is a voluntary entry. But we do recommend as detailed an entry as possible, since this information is relevant for the search engine of the online Abu Dhabi International Book Fair catalogue.
Company Profile
You can promote your company with a brief profile of no more than 150 keystrokes in length, which will also be included in the print and online catalogue.

What are the Shell Scheme Stands?

For information on the shell scheme stands of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, please see “Shell Scheme Packages 2018”. The use of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair’s shell scheme stands is optional and included in the basic stand rental fee. When renting the empty floor space for custom-designed stands, a different price applies (see Price List).

Standard Furnishings
All shell scheme stands are provided with a basic furniture package according to the stand size (see “Shell Scheme Packages 2018”). Additional furniture can be rented from our service contractor.

Stand Heights
The usual height is 2.50 m. Official authorisation is always required for stands exceeding this height and must be requested again every year. Detailed plans (floor plan, cross-section and views) showing the exact measurements must be submitted to us by 22 March 2016 at the latest. The “Technical Regulations” that are part of the Participation Terms & Conditions apply. At least 50 % of the wall looking onto an aisle must be left open.

Stand Location
We make every effort to take into account as far as possible your wishes for a specific position or for certain neighboring stands. In the case of requests for stand vicinity, please enter the name of the requested neighboring company on your registration form. Please be aware that it is not always possible to comply with all location requests or give any fundamental guarantee of a specific stand location. In the event of more far-reaching changes, we do try to inform you in advance; in the case of smaller shifts (e.g. within an aisle), this is unfortunately impossible.

What are the different kinds of stands available?

There are three types of stands to choose from: Corner Stand, Peninsula Stand, Island Stand.
Corner stands are those with sides opening onto one lengthwise aisle and one side aisle. A peninsula stand has three sides facing onto three aisles and is only available for stands of 24 sqm or more. A block or island stand is a stand of 48 sqm or more with four aisles running alongside the four open sides of the stand, and the Exhibitor may choose only between a special design stand (according to Organiser regulations) or an upgraded shell scheme stand. If you want one of these special stand types, please note your request on your registration form. Although we will try to meet your request, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee the allocation of a corner, peninsula or island stand.

Does the stand come with free electricity supply?

Electricity supply is included in the stand rental fee for the shell scheme. This refers specifically to the use of the 1 KW electrical sockets included on the stand. Additional KW supply with the installation of connections must be ordered and will be charged separately for the supply and installation.

Do we have options to choose ‘Raw Space (Floor Space)’?

Yes, the Raw Space (Floor Space) Packages include floor space only. Power and carpet are not included and should be ordered separately. Exhibitors choosing raw space packages receive free entry in the exhibitor catalogue, a copy of the exhibitor catalogue and exhibitor badges (quantities are dependent on stand size).

What are the ''Do’s and Don’ts'' to keep in mind while visiting Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi's culture is firmly rooted in Arabia's Islamic traditions. Islam is more than a religion; it is a way of life that governs everyday events from what to wear to what to eat and drink. 

The attitude toward clothing in Abu Dhabi is relaxed, but visitors (men as well as women) should show due deference in public places to local customs by avoiding excessively revealing attire. Discretion and polite elegance are the watchwords.

Women play a full and active part in the life of the country, and experience no special restrictions of dress or behaviour in day-to-day life. The United Arab Emirates are also exceptionally safe for women travelling on their own. Whatever time of day or night, moving about town is never a problem.

Local service personnel have a fluent command of English and other major international languages, so when you have something to say, you will be readily understood.

How can I exhibit without a stand of my own?

Anyone who does not wish to rent a stand of their own can attend as a Co-Exhibitor at the stand of another company. In this case, we need a separate registration application for the relevant company. Payment of the flat-fee for Co-Exhibitors (see Price List) entitles the Co-Exhibitors to their own catalogue entry and an Exhibitor pass.


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