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A distinguished programme from China, this year’s guest of honour at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

With more than 20 performances that include an elite group of intellectuals, professors and experts


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 02 April 2017: The 27th edition of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) will present a distinguished programme from China, with more than 20 performances that include an elite group of intellectuals, professors and experts.


In its role as Guest of Honour for the fair, which will be held from April 26 to May 2, 2017, China will be celebrated through an integrated programme that consists of cultural and professional events and activities for kids.


Among the intellectuals attending is Eugene Yun, one of China’s most important literary voices in a generation of pioneers whose names prevailed in Chinese literature since the eighties.


Other prominent names include, Cao Wenxuan, a novelist best known for his works of children's literature and as a member of the Chinese Writers Association and Vice-President of Beijing Writers Association, as well as Xu Zechen, deputy editor of the Chinese ‘People’s Literature’ magazine, and Mai Jia, one of China's most famous contemporary novelists.


One of China's most prominent activities in the cultural programme is the ‘About Governance and Administration’ symposium, including a study on ‘The Governance of China’, a book by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping . The book illustrates the Chinese experience, its components and reform tools through the vision of the Chinese president, thus providing an opportunity to closely learn about an experience that is different from the Western reform and development model.


The seminar programme also includes ‘Chinese Literature on Cinema Screens’, a study of Chinese literature and film experiences by reviewing models of literary works that became movies, and discusses what links literature, cinema, and what inspires film producers to adapt novels.


Additionally, a seminar entitled ‘What do you know about life?’ is an attempt to discuss literature’s forms and relevance in life through the visions of a group of Chinese and Arab creative minds.


The extensive seven-day programme also features a discussion titled ‘Arab Literature from a Chinese View’ that answers questions such as how much knowledge does the Chinese reader have about Arabic literature, and how do the Chinese perceive Arabic literature through discussions with Chinese authors and orientalists. Guests of the session include Chinese writers Cao Wenxuan, Yu Hua, Xu Zechen, Mai Jia and Eugene Yun.


The programme also includes a talk on ‘Chinese Literary Press and Lights on the Chinese Literature Magazine’, a discussion on Chinese literary journalism with the Chinese writer Xu Zechen, deputy editor of the Chinese ‘People’s Literature’ magazine, published in many languages.


In addition, ‘The Phenomenon of the Literary Editor in the Chinese Publishing Industry’ discussion featuring Chinese writers Cao Wenxuan, Liu Jing, Yu Juan, Mazia and the Egyptian translator Dr. Yahya Mukhtar, will raise the controversial idea of literary editors in the Arab publishing industry, and how this is experienced in the Chinese and Western perspective.


A debate on the ‘Literary Translation Journey between Chinese and Arabic’ considers translation as a journey to exchange knowledge. Experts will address questions such as: “When did we start the journey of acquaintance with the Chinese through translation?”, “How did the journey develop?”, and “What are the features of the reality and what level of hope to achieve?”


Dr. Siddiq Jawhar, Head of English Literature at the UAE University, will discuss 'Arabs and China as “The Other” in Western culture’ through a careful reading of paradigms from Western literature to debate if the West has succeeded in defining the independent features of each Eastern nation, or if they are perceived as an absolute form of “the other”.


The programme also features ‘The Reality of Teaching the Chinese language in the Arab World’ with a discussion focusing on the reality of teaching Chinese language in Arab universities, and whether it is progressing in an organised manner. The discussion will address whether China’s role as a superpower makes learning and mastering its language through a coherent educational system imperative.


Finally, ‘An Exchange in Translation and Publication between Arab Countries and China’ seminar will witness the launch of an ambitious exchange project between Arab countries and China in the fields of translation and publication fields, and the announcement of the 25 titles which have been chosen.


Further important details will be revealed during the event to be held from April 26 to May 2, 2017 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, which will also honours the great Arab philosopher, Ibn Arabi as its focus personality, and  incorporates a varied professional and cultural programme featuring a stellar line-up of intellectual and literary activities.

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