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Launch-pad for artists work at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Abu Dhabi, UAE 21 April, 2013: International illustrators, calligraphers and graphic and comic strip designers are set to enthrall visitors in a unique Illustrator’s Corner experience at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF).

ADIBF considered one of the fastest growing book fairs in the region runs from April 30 –May 5 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and is organized by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority.

Featuring artists from Peru, Sweden, UAE, Syria, and Malaysia the Illustrator’s Corner is dedicated to presenting original art works by some of the literary world’s most creative minds, and will serve as a hub where artists can come together to showcase and launch their work.

The 25 well-known artists, illustrators, calligraphers, graphic and comic strip designers will also display works to complement the content of books, particularly for children’s literature. The artists will also have the opportunity to give presentations and talks to book fair visitors and publishing professionals about their passion in a series of daily interactive workshops, as well as having the chance to meet with other local and international artists.

Workshops on a number of topics and artistic style are designed for everyone, including children, to participate and aim to emphasize opportunities for younger children to express their creativity and ability in art.

French graphic artist and published author Nicolas Wild, creator of comic books reflecting social and cultural environments will present “Bon Voyage in Comics” where he will show examples of his work and allow the audience to discover his techniques in reportage in Comic Book. The session will be followed by a question and answer session.

Deborah Mends, an American in-Paris artist, specialist in early painting and drawing techniques in Paris will present “Learning How to Draw and See like an Artist”. In this half-hour workshop running across a number of days, Deborah will teach the audience to understand and learning drawing, and demonstrate how visitors can make remarkable improvements in their own artistry with an interactive audience-participation ‘hands-on’ demonstration.

In two amazing Kufi Calligraphy workshops, students will have the opportunity to read and write Kufic script, which was used as the first method of writing in ancient Quran manuscripts. The second workshop will then allow participants to convey their knowledge to higher level and discover skills required to turn the ability to write into a graphic art form.

In homage to Sweden’s role as Guest of Honor at the fair, artists Stina Wirsen, Martin Widmark, Jan Loof and Jonathan Lindstrom will present an historic expose and contemporary examples of Swedish illustration in children’s literature.

Hatem Aly, the Egyptian illustrator and publisher will teach visitors the art in “Creating Cool Characters” and bring personality to lives that come from your imagination on to the page. Other workshops will feature introductory sessions explaining the distinction between illustration and art, and an opportunity to observe visual culture through illustrations in Arabic children’s books.

The Illustrator’s corner one of the fair’s most popular and dynamic venues and the hub for visual content. The Illustrators’ Corner is a platform for local and international illustrators to showcase their talent and seek advice from industry experts.

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