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Sheikh Mohammad Bin Khalid Al Nahyan
Association for Future Generations
The Sheikh Mohammad Bin Khalid Al Nahyan Association for Future Generations is a national cultural foundation intended to foster national culture, identity and loyalty for future generations. H.E. Sheikha Dr. Shaima Bint Mohammad Bin Khalid Al Nahyan is the chairperson for the society, which was established in 2009.

KTalk Coaching & Consulting
KTalk Coaching and Consulting specialises in leadership development and performance enhancement solutions. The company’s clients include regional royal families, political and public figures, CEOs, executives from the director level to the C-suite. They also work with middle management, supervisors, entrepreneurs, non-profits, government, multinational organisations and individuals. They won the Acquisition International Association’s award for the best UAE executive coaching entity in 2016.

Tadweer is a government entity that handles the collection, transport, treatment, and safe disposal of waste in an efficient and economical way across the emirate of Abu Dhabi and implements waste reduction, reuse and sorting-awareness programmes. Tadweer also spares no effort to provide support for all events that aim to educate communities on the importance of preserving the environment and encouraging others to adopt proper environmental behaviour that will advance sustainable development.

Jumping Clay
Jumping Clay is marvelous clay that is distinctive from other clay products available in the market. It is composed of non-toxic, harmless, water-soluble filler and is therefore perfectly safe for children. The worldwide educational franchise aims to offer a new and exciting way into the magical world of 3D learning so that children “Learn Through Play”.

Takamul Academy
Takamul Academy is the first training centre specialising in edutainment after-school programmes to focus on children’s physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual development through Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics. Takamul unleashes every child’s talents through a holistic (whole-child) approach to education and empowers caregivers such as parents and teachers through professional and personal development training.

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