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Guest of Honour


Łukasz Michalski

(PhD) is a historian, educator and animator of cultural projects and has been the director of the State Publishing Institute (PIW) in Warsaw since March 2017. Before this he transformed the PIW into a national culture institution with over 50 books published per year as an advisor to the vice-minister of Culture and Heritage. He has also worked for the Institute of National Heritage, the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Institute of National Remembrance. Michalski has written two books and several dozen articles and has led research projects for several Polish think tanks.


Tomasz Gruszkowski

Is the director of the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Center for digital preservation and digital sustainability at the National Library of Poland. He is responsible for digitization quality and for maintaining digitization equipment, focusing on technical specifications. He studied sociology at the University of Poznan in Poland and at University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Dariusz Jaworski

Is a university lecturer, political writer, journalist and culture manager and has been the director of the Polish Book Institute since April 2016. He has collaborated with many literary magazines, directed the Zysk publishing house and was the
deputy editor-in-chief of Tygodnik Powszechny. From 2012 to 2014 he served as the deputy mayor of the city of Poznan. He studied philosophy and Polish literature and holds a postgraduate degree from the School of Banking and Management.


Ewa Bolinska Gostkowska

Is the foreign rights manager and senior editor at Znak Publishing House. She is also a translator and a culture manager involved in projects promoting literature and reading. She is a member of the board of the Znaczy Sie New Art Foundation
and a member of the programme council for the City of Literature Foundation, which organises the international Miłosz Poetry Festival. She organizes Strefa Wolnego Czytania/Free Reading Zone, a literacy campaign that rejuvenates and
broadens Kraków’s literary culture through workshops for children and young adults. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from the Jagiellonian University, Poland.


Kasia Sienkiewicz Kosik

Is an editor and publisher who recently worked as a scriptwriter. She is a co-founder of Power Graph Publishing House, and the books she has edited and published have won numerous awards, including the Janusz A. Zajdel Award, the Jerzy zuławski Award, and the IBBY Book of the Year, and have been nominated for the Polityka Passport Award and the Gdynia Literary Prize. Her academic background is in art history.



Katarzyna Janusik

Is an editor, translator of fiction and non-fiction, and a project manager specialising in literature and photography. She has worked as an editor and head of the children’s literature department at Znak Publishing House, Kraków. She coordinated Wrocław’s literary team for the European Capital of Culture in 2016 and the UNESCO World Book Capital in 2016. She currently serves as the head of the programme team at the Wrocław Literature House and coordinates the international activities of Warstwy, a municipal publishing house in Wrocław that specialises in exclusive editions of poetry, prose and children’s books. She studied English literature and translation.


Andrzej Parzymies

Is the director and owner of Dialog, the largest publishing house in Poland devoted to Arabic culture. He holds an MA in business management and has been professionally active for 25 years. He co-founded Dialog Publishing House and was involved in the publication of its first books in 1992. He then worked with foreign investors in Poland and abroad, founding various firms and ventures in Poland and abroad specialising in investment consulting. He returned to Dialog six years ago, and is actively developing relations with French publishing partners and governmental institutions specialising in the book industry.


Agnieszka Piotrowska

Is known as one of the principal translators of Arabic literature into the Polish language. She is the author of an unpublished critical edition of Jacob al-Kirkisani’s Kitab al-Anwar wal-Marakib, a 10th-century Karaite manuscript. She has also
translated into Arabic the works of leading Polish authors. She is a recipient of scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and of the Visegrad Literary Residency. In 2017 she established The Polish-Arabic Library, a foundation
for promoting Polish culture in the Middle East and cultural exchange. This Polish, Cairo-based translator holds a PhD in Arabic literature and was a former lecturer at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland.


Hatif Janabi

Is known as one of the principal translators of Polish literature into the Arabic language. The Iraqi currently teaches Arabic language and literature at Warsaw University; he has also taught at the Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou
and Indiana University. Janabi has published several collections of poetry, and his work has been translated into nine languages. He studied Arabic language and literature at Baghdad University and holds a Master’s degree in Polish language
and literature and a PhD in drama, both from Warsaw University.


George Yacoub

Is an assistant professor at the department of Arabic and Islamic Studies in the University of Warsaw’s faculty of Oriental Studies, where he currently teaches ideological controversies in Islam in the 20th and 21st centuries. He is also the author and co-author of crucial works in the field of Arabic language teaching. Yacoub is also a translator of Polish literature into Arabic (The Marriage by Witold Gombrowicz) and Arabic literature into Polish (Harafish, Miramar and Karnak by Nagib Mahfuz, together with Jolanta Kozłowska). He holds a PhD from the department of Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Warsaw.


Zbigniew Tlałka

An enthusiast about the Funtronic concept and its development. He believes that using Magic Carpet, children and all who use it will improve their health, happiness, knowledge, and social integration. He loves the Funtronic concept that includes the constant synergy of the Fun area (by movement), the Learning area (memorizing and fusing) and the Compensation area (effect of conscious or unconscious reinforcement of areas requiring compensation). He is the local partner of Polish Funtronic for the GCC area and actively engaged in the actualization and development of educational software for the GCC region.


Tomasz Niedzwiedz

A producer, director and scriptwriter of animated movies.In 2003 he founded together with Tomasz Paziewski and Arkadiusz Paziewski – the postproduction and animation studio Badi Badi. After many years of gaining experience in advertising and movie postproduction, in animation and vfx production, in 2011 the studio started creating their own animated series and mobile games. Creative producer, author of concept, script co-writer and director of the animated series “Agi Bagi” for preschool children and “Flying Bear & the Gang” an adventure series with lots of action sequences, targeted at audiences between 5-8 years old.



Magda Rawa

Is a Production manager and producer with 6 years’ experience in the production of animated projects. She has been working at Badi Badi for 4 years. She is responsible for the production of the animated series: “Agi Bagi” – a 3D animated project for children age 2-5 and “The Flying Bear & the Gang” – an adventure series for children age 5-8. Magda is also responsible for new projects in the development stage: “The Flying Bear: Return of The Guardian”– 3D animated movie feature and “The Wriggles” - 2D series for preschoolers.



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