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Guest of Honour for ADIBF 2021

Germany is the Guest of Honour for the 30th edition of ADIBF. Germany’s participation at the Fair is expected to attract significant visitor numbers, with various events and activities held throughout the entire duration of ADIBF.



To present the culture of the Guest of honor to the audience of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and enrich the programs of the Fair with the content of such culture.

History of the Countries Hosted as Guests of Honors



Privileges offered by the Book Fair to the Guest of Honor:


  • Free space of 96 m2 in a special location in the Fair.
  • Including the name of the Guest of Honor country in all the Fair’s publications and advertising campaigns: one full page advertisement in each of the Fair Guide, cultural program, professional program, and including the logo of the Guest Honor on the billboards and newspaper advertisements, announcement of the Guest of Honor in a special press conference organized by the Fair Administration, and including the logo of the Guest of Honor in all the cultural stands in the Fair.
  • Bearing the travel (economy class) and accommodation expenses of 5 speakers and participants in the Fair programs.
  • Allowing at least five to seven seminars in the professional and cultural program, and creativity corner, thus leading to the number of events organized by the Guest of honour country to reach 13 events.
  • Printing introductory brochure for the events of the Guest of Honour.
  • Granting a free stand for the Union of Publishers of the Guest of Honour.
  • Giving priority to the Guest of Honor’s exhibitors in involving them in “Spotlight on Rights” program.
  • Offering logistic facilities to the media representatives of the Guest of Honor, and allocating a space for them within the media center in the Fair and allowing them to use all the logistics available in the center
  • Offering logistic facilities in the services of shipping, storage, Internet, cleaning and advertising within the Fair.


Commitments of the Guest of Honour:


  • Renting 108 sqm, in addition to the free space which is offered by ADIBF.
  • Equipping the stand of the Guest of Honor for the exhibition of the books
  • Organizing cultural events within the stand
  • Preparing a series of seminars within the professional cultural program, creativity corner and cooking corner to present the culture of the Guest of honour country, providing that the lecturers include well known writers and authors from the Guest of honour country.
  • Inviting the international award-winning writers and authors to participate in the Guest of Honour’s events.
  • Inviting the publishers of the Guest of honour country to book stands and participate in the Fair and providing them with all possible facilities to encourage them participate in the Fair.
  • Diversifying the cultural program presented by the Guest of honour
  • Inviting the national institutions of the Guest of honour country operating in the UAE to contribute in providing every possible material and logistic support to ensure the success of the participation.

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