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The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is an annual book fair that first took place in 1981. It provides a platform where publishers, booksellers, agents, cultural organisations and media can meet, exchange ideas and identify business opportunities.

ADIBF forms part the strategy aiming to transform Abu Dhabi into a major centre in the publishing world. ADIBF was launched by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE. Celebrating its Silver Jubilee edition in 2015, ADIBF featured a series of panels and seminars under the theme ‘Sheikh Zayed: Light Illuminates the Future’, dedicated to the late Sheikh Zayed, who was the year’s focused personality. A dedicated exhibition charted his intellectual legacy based on his belief in education and culture as fundamental pillars for building a strong, modern state and developing international relations. In recent years, the Fair has also celebrated the cultural heritage of the renowned Arab poet Abu at-Tayyeb Al Mutanabbi and the renowned Arab philosopher Ibn Rushed.

Every year, ADBIF plays host to the most prominent Arab, regional and international publishing houses as well as organising events, with the participation of the world’s greatest publishers, which help develop the publishing sector in providing local and Arab publishers with new windows of opportunity.

Additionally, ADBIF seeks to enrich its activities with intellectual and cultural programmes including artistic performances that attract visitors and add flavour to the Fair.

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