This year, the Fair introduces the "Book of the World" pillar that focuses one different influential book every year, which has influenced the literary and cultural process around the world, and whose influence has spread across cultures and time.

While debates are presented at the Fair for the third year in a row, what is new this year is the organisation and management of these debates using the internationally recognised Oxford method, in which debates are held for the first time in the Arab world.

This year's "Podcast from Abu Dhabi" pillar includes the "Thmanyah" podcast from Saudi Arabia and the "El-Podcasters" podcast from Egypt, participating for the first time.

As part of Thmanyah's first participation in the Fair, a mural titled "Thmanyah Writes and the World Reads" will be displayed at one of the Fair's entrances, featuring historical figures who influenced global culture.

The Fair will also introduce images of popular Arab folk book markets, beginning with Egypt's famous El Azbakeya Wall this year.

This is in addition to the "Forum of Arabic Content for Children and Youth", which the Professional Programme introduces for the first time this year, targeting writers, illustrators, publishers, and creators from this sector, on a journey presented by professional industry experts who are ready to answer your questions and provide assistance every step of the way.

The Fair also introduces the "Image Is a Language" exhibition in the Arts Corner, which represents a dialogue between languages and alphabets, as well as the history of the image in the UAE and around the world, beginning with prehistoric cave inscriptions, alphabets and languages, all the way to sign language and software. All this will be presented within the beginning of image, photography, and digital photography sections at the exhibition.

For the first time in the UAE, the American University of Cairo’s Alumni Folklore Group takes part in the Musical Programme, with a collection of folklore dances choreographed by Pinky Selim, and one dance choreographed by Mahmoud Reda, the pioneer of the Egyptian "Theater Dance".

As part of the Children and Youth Programmes, young visitors will be able to challenge their intelligence with the Arabic "Scrabble" game and solve mysteries at the escape room, both designed specifically for the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.