Guest of Honour for Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2021

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is proud to host Germany as its Guest of Honour (GoH) for the 30th edition of the Fair in 2021. A powerhouse of publishing since Gutenberg invented his printing press in the 15th century, Germany has been home to some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers – from Kant to Kafka and Goethe to Thomas Mann. 

Today, Germany is still at the vanguard of the publishing world, and it is our pleasure to share German literature and culture with Fair visitors, through vibrant displays, workshops, performances, seminars and interactive sessions, featuring leading authors, illustrators and musicians.  

Opportunities for publishing professionals to network with their German counterparts will abound, with a vast area dedicated to German publishing houses and companies.

Guest of Honour privileges

  • Ninety-six square metres of dedicated floor space in a prime location at the Fair.

  • The GoH’s country and logo featured in all of the Fair’s publications and advertising campaigns (including on billboards, key Abu Dhabi International Book Fair spaces, such as the main stage and Press Centre, and in newspaper advertisements), a full-page advertisement in the Programmes catalogue and a special announcement of the GoH in a dedicated press conference, organised by the Fair.

  • Thirteen dedicated events across the Professional and Cultural Programmes, including at least five to seven seminars.

  • Introductory brochures provided for the GoH’s events.

  • Complimentary travel (economy class) and accommodation for five speakers or participants in the GoH’s events.

  • Logistic services offered to the GoH, in terms of shipping, storage, Internet, cleaning and advertising within the Fair.

  • Logistic facilities offered to the GoH’s media representatives, as well as an allocated space within the media centre in the Fair, with access to all the centre’s facilities.

Guest of Honour commitments

  • Rental of 108m2 of floor space at the Fair, in addition to the complimentary space provided by Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

  • Equipping the GoH’s stand with an impressive display of books.

  • Organising performances and events to be showcased at the stand, enriching the Cultural Programme offered by the Fair.

  • Preparing a series of seminars for the Professional and Cultural Programmes.

  • Providing well-known authors and speakers from the GoH’s country to showcase the nation’s writing and culture, as well as inviting international award-winning authors to participate in the GoH’s events.

  • Inviting publishers to book stands and participate in the Fair, providing them with all possible facilities to encourage them to become exhibitors.

  • Inviting any institutions currently operating in the UAE on behalf of the GoH’s country to support the GoH’s successful participation in the Fair, through providing all available material and logistial support.