Naguib Mahfouz Abdelaziz Ibrahim Ahmed Al Basha (11 December 1911 - 30 August 2006), known by his literary name Naguib Mahfouz, was an Egyptian novelist and writer who became the first Arab writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

He began writing since the thirties and continued until 2004. All of his novels are set in Egypt, and the recurring theme of the lane, in reference to the world. His most famous works include the Cairo Trilogy, and the Children of Gebelawi which was banned from publication in Egypt until recently.

This year's Fair features a full programme for the Focus Personality, with 13 sessions including dialogues, a round table, and sessions on Naguib Mahfouz's worlds.

The Fair also features a special pavilion for Naguib Mahfouz, which engages visitors in the life of Mahfouz, his achievements, and his works, as well as a collection of rare behind-the-scenes photos of cinematic works from the great photographer Mahmoud Bakr's archive.

In addition, artist Ahmed Nofal will work on a graffiti wall representing Naguib Mahfouz's historical novels during the Fair.