The Rumoured Author

In a world where heights have no limits, where land and sky forever extend to eternity, and where time and space are but a mere journey whose first traveler is our imagination, a young man fed his mind with creativity. He recounts novels and conveys tales, and with the calmness of his eyes, he shapes the first few stories. Only the roots of these stories have taken over his days, and his scissor-pen has become his companion; power has fueled his creativity, and character drawing has proven his expertise. With finesse and intricateness, his drawings come to life, crossing time and space… until infinity and beyond.

The Bookmaker

In the mountains’ highest peaks – surrounded by rain-laden clouds, great echoes of thunder, and severe storms – small villages were lined up one after the other, basking in complete darkness and surviving with the light of a tender candle. One village shining with sunlight stood out, where birds lived in their nests, and children sang melodies. But the other villages wanted to discover its secret, so they peeked in and spotted people creating unmatchable paper, using magic ink and never-before-seen tools. Some had just returned from an arduous journey, and others were writing the adventures down, as letters and words were collected in Ghanem’s book, a man of great acumen and shrewdness. The people of the other villages wondered: Why put so much effort into creating one book? It wasn’t until Ghanem finished creating the book that they understood, as he sent a luminous halo that stretched and rose high to dispel the darkness that surrounded them and so that books would brighten their land...

The Inkster

In a vast desert, a person travels looking for an oasis to rest and draw water from. His mind starts wandering around the similarities in everything he sees around him as if he is looking in one direction or at a blank sheet of paper. Suddenly, as he contemplates it, the mighty sand dunes pull his feet and toss him into a world full of wonders, in which he finds a man named Khaled, whose beard and two mustaches adorn his face with wisdom. Khaled creates magical oases and sends them back to the desert on board the sand dunes, to nourish them with his creative imagination and bring them back to life. Quite like the letters and words on a white sheet of paper, the ink is its creator.

The Wordsmith

In a vast cosmic space, where galaxies and stars illuminate its horizon, life gave birth to Taif, a creature whose heart wanted to achieve the impossible, so her pen became her lifelong friend with whom she recounts her stories. But deep inside, she wanted something more—something to carve through the worlds and illuminate them with the light of words. So, she made writing her style, weaving the letters very smoothly, as they form an interconnected mix of stories. Endless tales in which characters roam the ages so that their melodies keep resonating in all universes ... until infinity.

Luxy And Lucy - The Torch Bearers

Much like the sun and the moon illuminating the horizon, Luxy and Lucy were born. And much like a joyful day of spring and its flowers, their thirst for wisdom was alive and well, feeding their passion with knowledge. So much so that they became stronger and wiser, and knowledge itself became a torch that grew brighter whenever they visited a new land. They were quite aware that this was their destiny; no matter how many days or years it would take, they would be the torchbearers whose light would spread the path of wisdom.

Monso – The Rainmaker

Anything that touches her soul blooms with passion. She goes through time and space, knocks on doors, and roams the sky, rushing profusely every day. One day, Monso passed through a village whose people do not read. Their land had become barren, void of any flowers, and harboring fractured houses. Its people led a lonely and dull life, calling to the clouds for a mighty savior that would rain down on them. So Dima rose high on the horizon, forming some sort of magic cloud in which words are treasured, raining down on the darkness and scattering them in the very depths of the earth. As the words poured down, endless varieties of books and novels grew from their seeds, quenching the thirst of researchers, and illuminating the minds of dreamers.

And so, beautiful houses blossomed from the light of knowledge, turning the village into a green paradise, much like an eternal glow illuminating the world.